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Production and Care

We highlight in a special way the production process and the care for each bunch, which make Pilarmoscato® a grape with much more flavor and quality.

Production process

The production of Pilarmoscato® requires special care and more refined production techniques. Each bunch is handcrafted. Thinning is completely manual and the so-called “comb” is not used, as it can deform the bunch. Thus, a large number of specially trained labor is required.

Extra protection in the vineyard

Todo o parreiral é protegido com telas anti-granizo e anti-pássaros. Além disso, por ser uma variedade muito sensível ao ataque de fungos, é utilizada uma cobertura plástica, o que evita que as folhas sejam molhadas e assim, é possível evitar, ao máximo, a aplicação de fungicidas. Em períodos chuvosos, o chão do parreiral também recebe uma manta plástica para impedir que as bagas de uvas rachem.

Extra curl protection

The bunches of the grapes are individually bagged to ensure that they are protected from sun, rain, insect attacks, diseases and phytosanitary products that may be applied. In rainy periods, the bunches receive extra protection, with the placement of "Kassa" or "Chinese Hat" that prevents the bunches from getting wet and rotting.

Measurement of sweetness done bunch by bunch

At harvest time, the degree of sweetness is measured using refractometers. The bunches are measured one by one and harvested only with Brix from 18 degrees.

Fairer rating

Depending on the berry size, bunch size, bunch shape, coloring and other technical criteria, the APPC007 Estela variety is classified into Pilarmoscato® Super Premium, Premium, Ouro and Moscatinho.

More quality on your table

All these precautions result in an extremely sweet grape, with low acidity, large and shiny berries, little or no seed and which can be consumed with the peel, ensuring much more quality and flavor on your table.


Thinking about your family's food security, we offer the origin of our products through food traceability


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