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Our Fruits

APPC works with highly qualified products, selected and produced in order to obtain the best flavors, meeting international standards.



Pilarmoscato is produced exclusively by APPC and is an extremely sweet grape, with low acidity, large and shiny berries, little or no seed and that can be consumed with the peel, ensuring much more quality and flavor on your table.
Time of consumption: from December to May.


Kinsei is APPC's world-class Dekopon. It is easy to peel, has no seeds and is considered the tastiest citrus fruit in the world. Only fruit lots whose samples pass the Brix and acidity tests are marketed under the Kinsei brand.
Time of consumption: from June to October.


Currently, APPC produces three varieties of persimmon: Rama-forte, which should be eaten soft; Giombo, the tastiest among them and also Fuyu, a sweet fruit, both to eat while they are still hard.
Time of consumption: from March to August.


Atemoia is a hybrid fruit, resulting from the crossing of the pinecone, or fruit of the count with the cherimoia. It is a differentiated fruit, with fragrant, white, creamy, soft, sweet pulp and few seeds. It's a ready dessert!
Time of consumption: from April to September.


Plum is a small fruit that can be sweet or sour. Currently, APPC produces two varieties of plum: Rubimel and RedStar.
Time of consumption: from November to December


Peach is a fruit with a sweet taste and delicate aroma. The peach skin is thin, velvety and orange in color. Currently, APPC produces the varieties Douradão, Aurora, Kompai, Chiripá, Chimarrita, among others.
Time of consumption: from October to December


Nectarine is a very tasty fruit, with a juicy, aromatic and yellow, white or reddish flesh. The name nectarine comes from "nectar" due to its delicious and sweet taste.


Known as yellow plum by Brazilians, loquat is commercially produced in Brazil, mostly by Japanese immigrants and their descendants. It has juicy and sweet or acidic pulp, depending on the variety and ripeness of the fruit.
Time of consumption: from May to October.

Tomato Cocktail

The cocktail tomato is a variety of cherry tomatoes, slightly larger. The fruits have an intense red color, with a sweet taste and low acidity.


Lychee is a red fruit on the outside, with rough and brittle skin, whitish and gelatinous on the inside, with a texture similar to that of grapes. It has a sweet taste and delicate aroma.
Time of consumption: January

Fuji-Midori grape

The Fuji Midori grape is exclusive to APPC. Its berries are black in color and measure up to 30 mm in diameter. It is a juicy, very sweet grape, with Brix of 16 degrees or higher, tasty, with low acidity and without seeds.
Time of consumption: from December to January.

Beni Izu Grape

The Beni Izu grape is exclusive to APPC. It has reddish colored berries, very sweet, tasty and seedless.
Time of consumption: from December to January.

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