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15 de January de 2021

Pilarmoscato in the program Conversa Franca - Terra Viva (Band)

On December 22, 2020, Rural Producer Tamon Alan Morioka of Cooperativa Agroindustrial APPC, along with Amauri Vieira, Group Marketing Manager […]
15 de January de 2021

3rd Ceremony for the Beginning of the Pilarmoscato Grape Harvest

APPC AGROINDUSTRIAL COOPERATIVE PROMOTES LIVE FROM THE START OF THE HARVEST OF THE UVA PILARMOSCATO 2021 The APPC Agroindustrial Cooperative decided to innovate and provided a live on its […]
23 de March de 2021

Gourmet Grape: first Brazilian variety is from Pilar do Sul / SP

Material elaborated on the iG Agro portal “In the search for quality, all bunches are evaluated and packed individually and manually. The city of Pilar do […]
23 de March de 2021


The Cacho Perfeito Contest, is an internal contest of the APPC Agroindustrial Cooperative, in which all our members can participate, and whose objective is to reward the […]
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